Y Run for Kids

We did it!

We worked for it, and we made it. I clocked in at 31:50. Two minutes better than my practice run. I ran with Amara, Jin, and Jessica! It was way more fun than I thought it would be. The sun seemed to come out just for the run. The clouds returned as we left, right on time for the Daffodil Parade.

That first mile was the worst. I couldn’t judge how fast I was going, or how long I had run. I was too used to running at the Y’s indoor track. Counting up to 48 laps, eight laps at a time. At least the 5k had people at the one and two mile marker, telling you how long it’s been. When I finished, they actually said my name on the loudspeaker! That was cool. They said Jin’s name too. I appreciated the people who cheered as runners came in. We even joined them for a bit, especially cheering on Amara and Jin when they finished. Good times.

A lot of people kept passing me. Amara kept up for most of the race, which was nice. It was hard trying to keep my mind off how much further I had to go. I tried looking at my surroundings often. I’ve never been across the downtown bridges before.

I really wanted to celebrate by going out and eating or something, but it’s April 13th, and I had to rush to get to work. My dad graciously let me come in an hour later than normal so I could do the race. Thanks, Dad!

It was a great morning. Would do again.