100 Pixels to Midnight

Remove harmful polluters and save the world!

January 2020 – Godot


Super Villains – Customizable Card Card (pre-alpha)

Build your lair, fight the forces of good, and complete your evil schemes to conquer the world!

June-July 2019 – Godot


Rising Dawn – First Blood: It’s Brunchtime

Make your way back to your crypt before the sun fully rises.

April 2019 – LD44: Your Life Is Currency


Wrath of the Gods

Help your villagers make sacrifices to avoid the gods’ wrath.

December 2018 – LD43: Sacrifices Must Be Made


Head Space

Remove bad memories with a state-of-the-art nano-robot.

August 2018 – LD42: Running Out of Space


Orcs Must JAM!

Man the fortifications and keep to the beat of the JAM!

April 2018 – LD41: Combine Two Incompatible Genres


DUI: The Game!

Your spouse didn’t sound too happy on the phone. Guess you have to cut short your time at the bar…

December 2017 – LD40: The More You Have, The Worse It Is


Plugging Away

Prime the warp drive and jump away before enemies destroy you.

August 2018 – LD39: Running Out of Power


Super Natural Defense

Protect your home world from a threat of invasion.

April 2017 – LD38: A Small World


Roomba’s Revenge

‘Twas the night before Festivus, and stashed in this room was a little device that was made to vacuum.

December 2016 – LD37: One Room


Caveman Story

Research technologies to survive the winter.

August 2016 – LD36: Ancient Technology


Shape Racers

Prove to the world the n-sided polygons have what it takes.

April 2016 – LD35: Shapeshift


Hopeless PlaceHopeless Place

Inspired by the song We Found Love by Rihanna

February 2016 – Java


Spirit DudeSpirit-uality

Jerry has everything figured out in life. Well, almost everything…

December 2015 – LD34: Two Button Controls / Growing



Unfinished space asteroid shooter

September 2013 – HTML5