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Halloween 2017: Double the Fun

We wore two costume sets this year! The first was quickly put together in case the second set wasn’t completed in time. I also wanted to make up for last year’s horrific abomination of a costume.

Log Lady and Sheriff Truman, from the television show Twin Peaks

Prince Robot IV and The Stalk, from the comic Saga

Halloween 2016

2016-11-01-costumesSurprisingly (well, not really…) nobody knew what we were. She went as Martin Crane, from Frasier, and I went as his chair. The look on people’s faces when we told them made it all worth it.

Lil’ Brother’s Graduation

The family went to Crescent City, CA for Vince’s graduation from nearby Humboldt. Mom insisted on driving 8 hours both ways by herself. Everyone got sunburn at the graduation. Amara watched everybody lose money at the casino.


Vacation at Olympic National Park

Went to Olympic National Park this past weekend with Amara, Jin, and Eileen, and we all had a blast! It was the best trip since Tahoe. Dr. Eileen dropped in from California, and we hastily planned a trip to the park. We avoided both the summer crowds and the fall rains (for the most part). My favorite parts were Second Beach in La Push, and the Blackberry Cafe on Highway 112. Can’t wait to do it again!

2014 Picture Dump

A Darker Day

Before going further, I wanted to write an update on last summer’s microtransaction purchases. It didn’t turn out well.

Total cards purchased: 18
Total foil cards purchased: 2
Total cost: $8.09

Total items in inventory: 16
Current market value: $1.76

Net profit (loss): -$6.33

You can’t beat the market, folks.

A Dark Day in History

I bought micro-transactions today. Not even for a game. For Steam trading cards. I have failed life.

I had four out of ten. So I bought the remaining six. Then I bought another set of ten. Just to see if I’m right in that the prices will eventually go up and I can make a buck each on them. Putting my money where my mouth is, I guess. Since I’m afraid of buying into a bull market, this will have to placate my investing desires.

My Internet privileges should be revoked.

Summer Picture Dump

So many activities in so little time. I can’t believe my life is this busy!