Spirit-uality: A Post-Ludum Update

I made a post-Ludum update to Spirit-uality. A lot of things bothered me, and while it’s not the best it’s certainly now more pleasing than the first submission. I still hate the music and sounds, but I don’t have a good grasp on how to make better ones. That’s the most important thing to improve on for next time. Glad to finally be done with the game!

Play it here

Spirituality Spirit



Bug Fixes:

  • Controls can no longer be set to the same key
  • Spirit now regrows normally after reducing to smallest size


  • Revamped the final Boss. Will no shoot you until you or it are dead
  • DOWN: hold to prep attack, release to launch bolt
  • UP: spam to raise shields to block the boss’ projectiles
  • Lengthened the world by ten times for those that need it
  • Pressing ‘esc’ now exits the game
  • Game over when the spirit is hit when it’s already the smallest size
  • Six more good deed encounters
  • Tutorial now displays what happens in-game when the user presses UP and DOWN


  • Jerry fist pumps on six successes in a row
  • Jerry will have a fit if he misses a good deed when he’s on a streak
  • Sky: changed the texture, and now fades in and out to go from night to day more clearly
  • Added screenshake
  • Spirit hovers slightly in place
  • Replaced default window logo
  • Many textures were retouched