Super Villain CCG

Build your lair, fight the forces of good, and complete your evil schemes to conquer the world!

Spend your funds at the Black Market to add cards to your deck. Complete missions to unlock the market’s special cards.

A game inspired by Evil Genius, James Bond, Marvel: Legendary, Slay the Spire, and more.



  • LMB: Drag cards from your hand onto slots or other cards
  • RMB: Cancel dragging


  • Play land cards on middle lands to replace the land
  • Play minion cards on minion slots to work the land for a turn
  • Play equipment cards on minions to upgrade the minions
  • Play fund cards on enemy minions to bribe them
  • At the end of every turn, minions will attack. Enemy survivors generate heat
  • Heat buffs up investigators. Generate no heat for a turn to burn a heat card
  • Work lands with $ to accumulate funds
  • Complete the mission to unlock better cards in the shop