Getting back into a routine (I hope)

We just returned from the Y. Since the 5k April 14th, I’ve been out jogging three times. Three times for a whole month. Disgraceful! But today’s a new beginning, the start of the rest of my life, turning a new leaf. Be the change you want to see in the world. These are the lies I tell myself daily 😀

Did the 5k stunt my drive to work out?

Growing up I hated competition. It revealed a rabid, hateful Anthony. I remember in middle school, getting angry and roughing up other kids in basketball. Playing softball freshman year of high school, swearing up a storm for missing a pitch. And this was just in normal gym class! I don’t recall the anger playing strangers in elementary school, though. Maybe it’s just when I compete with friends.

Running is a lot more personal to me. It’s not you versus another. It’s yourself against the world. It’s your will against your body. You versus you. Running the 5k turned running into a comparison against others. Now I could just race against myself, trying to beat my last time. But I don’t need an official score tracker for that.