Bullet Journaling vs Scrumm

I’ve been in a programming rut lately. Yesterday I almost abandoned Caveman Sim. To me the game is Not Fun, usually a death sentence for games I code. I would start up Unity, and just stare at the game, wondering what went wrong.

A quick talk with Vince made me rethink how feature-complete the game really is. Him nor I can’t tell what’s fun or not because the game isn’t even there.

After brainstorming a bit, I realized my To Do list wasn’t working. I’ve been trying out a bullet journal on Trello. While its useful in anticipating upcoming events, it transformed into a personal calendar rather than a workflow for the game. So I decided to throw the baby out with the bath water and tried out…

Scrum! While Silicon Valley poked fun at the method, I decided to check it out anyway. Once I got done cringe-reading through the wikipedia page, I created my very first Scrum board.


Putting my business degree to good use.

“Stories” are a list of things I want players to experience. I decided my “sprints” would be one week long, ending on Mondays (when I usually upload builds). Acknowledging that, I created a To Do list that I estimate I’ll be able to complete before the first deadline.

And there you go. My motivation has returned; I’ve already completed some of the missing features. So we’ll see soon enough if Caveman Sim answers the do-or-die question of game development: Is It Fun?