Testing Has Never Been So Fun

2016-10-28-test-resultsAfter many hours of brainstorming and programming, this is the final result. It doesn’t look like much, but I’m ecstatic. This means I can tweak numbers and see how it affects the game at a glance. No more guesswork!

Shown here are the final results of 16 tests. Not pictured are the 16 individual detailed breakdowns. Every test is a complete game play-through. The AI chooses a random direction at the start of each day, and moves to the farthest discovered locale. Event options are chosen at random. The AI unlocks tech in a specific order. At the moment, only Food tech is researched. The game ends at 100 days, or when the Tribe count reaches zero.

I ran 256 tests once. It took just under a minute to complete, and produced an 11 MB log file. Not that I read through it, but it’s good to know I can produce a test of that size if the need arises.

I already have ideas on how to expand the testing, what kind of events are needed in the game, and even different AI behavior. So much work, so little time!