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A city in the province of Talamyr
Population: 10890

Park district, Finance district, Tannery district, Theater district, Lord's keep, Boat town, Necropolis, Lord's keep, Remnant neighborhood, Magic district, Dwarf neighborhood, Goblinoid ghetto, Halfling encampment, Civic district, Guildhall district, Elf neighborhood, University, Marketplace, Apartment homes, Slave quarter, ColiseumArena, Tavern district

1 Jailhouse
1 School
2 Temples
22 Shrines
14 Stables

5 Inns
27 Taverns
4 Magic Shops
4 Armorers
4 Blacksmiths
4 Fences
2 Provisioners

Men: 4193
Women: 4882
Children: 1815
Specialized workers: 2571
Generalized workers: 6504
Chickens: 9904
Geese: 5651
Pigs: 3606
Sheep: 2599
Cattle: 1182
7 members in the Splendid Order of Armorers, Locksmiths, & Finesmiths
5 members in the Stablemasters’ & Farriers’ Guild
12 members in the Bakers’ Guild
7 members in the Vintners’, Distillers’, & Brewers’ Guild
7 members in the Guild of Butchers
18 members in the Council of Farmer-Grocers
11 members in the Carpenters’, Roofers’, & Plasterers’ Guild
186 members in the Guild of Chandlers & Lamplighters
5 members in the Coopers’ Guild
13 members in the Most Excellent Order of Weavers & Dyers
30 members in the Order of Master Tailors, Glovers, & Mercers
8 members in the Saddlers’ & Harness-Makers’ Guild
7 members in the Science Guild
9 members in the Jewelers’ Guild
11 members in the Leatherworkers’ Guild
18 members in the Guild of Stonecutters, Masons, Potters, & Tile-makers
24 members in the Order of Cobblers & Corvisers
5 members in the Fellowship of Salters, Packers, & Joiners
184 members in the Loyal Order of Street Laborers
17 members in the Dragomans’, Interpreters’, & Navigators’ Guild
8 members in the Barracks
8 members in the Thieves’ Guild
12 members in the Guild of Apothecaries & Physicians