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High Priest Spinyon of the continent of Yaitor orders the expulsion of Tharizdun fanatics.
In the city of Livohrun, in the country of Ketresh, a temple of Ioun crumbles when cultists of Vecna summon a flood.
Battle of Windershuggle - An army of Halfling clerics wins against 90 Half-Elf wizards.
Gilnith teleports from Keyport to Hazeldun, seeking aid from Gnomes in the war against Orcs.
Anti-Human riots break out in the city of Hazeldun.
The Half-Orc order, "The Broadsword Earls" is dissolved by decree of Grand Mistress Mirelidia.
In Glimmerfalls, an ernormous goblin is slain. The city of Hazeldun is burned by a great fire, and the city of Hollowmagh is destroyed by a tsunami.