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In Kostrotho, betting herds of giant scorpion racing is popular.
In the city of Silentbourne, in the country of Preuv Bral, a school of Erathis crumbles when zealots of Tiamat summon a cyclone.
The province of Fanhorn of ancient Grynnia creates the first government issued gold coin, copying designs from the city of Briararder.
In Alderdeen, an ernormous dire boar is slain. The city of Glimmerfalls is burned by a great fire, and the city of Steepton is destroyed by a flood.
Fanatics of Bane claim responsibility for the destruction of the city of Alnledra in modern-day Kostrotho, leading to thousands of Tiefling deaths.
Explorers find the C Jungle in the province of Lithur.
Zealots of Gruumsh summon catastrophic heat waves signifying the collapse of the Goliath and Halfling civilizations.