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In the continent of Bioyetoth, Half-Orc masters oust Pharoah-Queen Sariolen.
Tiefling general Kandrian of the continent Klionurul defeats Sarshim the fighter, becomes Braellythe the Just.
Empress Gokulnath IV lays siege to Glimmerfalls, destroying much of the city, killing 200 Tieflings.
Last known sighting of the legendary city Glenfell, somewhere in the continent of Itun.
Battle of Strathwell - Drow army surrenders to High Priest Terane I in the country of Ketresh.
The province of Mosbydder of ancient Grynnia creates the first government issued gold coin, using Deva Empress Zerqan I's portrait.
Goblin Dragonthorne the monk of the city Glimmerfalls is murdered in a coup by Goliath shamans, at the age of 69.