WIP: Tech Tree v 2

I’ve been trying out a few tech trees, and currently leaning towards the one pictured below. With some tinkering, I think it could be a really fun feature. Techs are logically separated, and most of the branches lead towards something interesting.2016-09-14-wip-tech-treeWhat I like about this tree is the inter-connectivity. Technologies split and recombine to form new techs. Areas that need improving are the Cause & Effect and, to a lesser extent, Weapon Training branches. While Regrowth (the ability to kickstart a location’s resources back from zero), Wolf, and Stealth are powerful in their own right, the branches themselves lack player choice.

Population Control is awkward as well, since it’s on it’s own level higher than any other tech. And I can’t find a good place to fit sling. Part of me doesn’t even want it: I can’t think of any events that would incorporate it that won’t involved combat, which Spear already does. So although Sling is a uniquely historical tech choice on its own, it doesn’t add anything new.

Throughout the iteration process, I found certain techs naturally grouping together. Spear/Weapon/Athleticism/Stealth all evoke the image of a proficient hunter. Name Power/Wolf/Sic is a logical process for training a wild animal. I also like how Crafts splits into Weaving and Woodworking, each with very distinct techs of their own.

My favorite tech so far is “Cool Hat”. I’m gonna try my hardest to see it in the final tree, whatever that may look like. Because logically, who won’t to listen to the caveman with a hat? That guy just has to be important!