Rumor Generator 1.1

This week I fleshed out the Rumor Generator. Basically all the random generators from my old spreadsheet has been implemented. The goal is to create an entire world at the click of a button.

New features:

  • Religion and Arcana facts, similar to the Rumor and History generators from before
  • Quick NPC generator
  • Name generator for any building your adventurer’s would likely visit in a city
  • Town demographics for creating an entire town at the click of a button

My next task is implementing collapsible buttons to better display the city information. I plan on adding such buttons to the entire world data, generating data on each continent, country, province, and city. Not sure whether to generate it all upfront, or on the fly as the user clicks around. It seems like a lot of unnecessary generation if the user only wants data on one city. Maybe I can just create a separate generator for the World.

Rumore Generator 1.1