Oz, The Great And Powerful, or How The F Do These People Become Screenwriters

Movies like this make me mad. $200 million budget, and they can’t get anywhere near a decent script?

Worst action scene: when Oz and Glinda were running away from who knows what, they crested a hill, screaming like it was a giant cliff they were falling over. The camera catches up to them, and it turns out they were just running down the other side of the hill.

Worst line: “Okay, we’ll avoid the poppy fields. Or not.”

Line that had the most potential but they fucked it up anyways: Wicked Witch: “Where’s your bubbles now, Glinda?” Glinda: “They’re just for show.” And then they fly up and battle. They could’ve made Oz say that line elsewhere in the movie. It would have been a great callback. Did they? No. It was as if each scene was created in a vacuum, oblivious to everything else.

Worst reference: The Wicked Witch’s laugh. Did she think something was funny? Why all the laughter? She was supposed to be love stricken, not finding joy in her wicked ways. I don’t get why they could use the laugh from the original movie, but not the mole or the skin color. Stupid laws.

Things that didn’t make sense: The baboon chase in the beginning of the movie. Aforementioned witch laugh. Oz trusting Glinda out of nowhere. Glinda living in a cemetery. The protective bubble that prevents evil from breaking through being broken by evil. The wizard faking his death to the chimp and munchkin, who were let in on the plan immediately after said death. I could go on.

Also, I’d like to mention a special “Fuck you” to the wizard for interrupting the munchkins’ song and dance. Your character up to this point had been inconsistent, uncharismatic, and just a giant waste of space. Let the munchkins do their thing. You weren’t going to be any more entertaining.

The ending was okay. But screw this movie.