Ludum Dare 39: Oh What A Difference A Day Makes

Ludum Dare 39 is Running Out of Power. After many hours of brainstorming, we decided to let me choose among the favorites. It was either a space sim, or an electron puzzle game. Since I don’t know the first clue about circuit boards, I went with the tried and true space sim.

The catch: you only have one plug to power all your systems. You must power your warp drive, but when enemies come flying in you have to fend them off. Call in for assistance, or shoot them down yourself. Raise shields, scan for distant bogeys, and try to make the jump to warp speed before you explode!

My goals for this Ludum Dare are: implement an animation (a real one!), and maintain a positive attitude. Last Ludum Dare I was overly harsh on everyone, and I really regret it. So far, all is well, and it seems everyone is enjoying themselves a lot more. We’re keeping it small this year, so it’s just me, Louis, and Vince again.

Compare the following work-in-progress gifs, taken 24 hours apart:

day 0 day1It’s amazing what a dedicated day can make. These are 100% my (boxy) models, so adding Vince’s models will only make it that much better. And of course Louis is doing an outstanding job with the audio and music so far. Can’t wait to see what the next 48 hours brings!