Ludum Dare 34: Day 3

Spirit DudeIt is done. And it is good.

Well, not really. I didn’t playtest it at all. User reports already say enemies stop spawning after awhile. Next time, the scope will be smaller to fit in testing and gameplay improvements.

Spirituality Spirit Spirituality Events Things missing:

  • Shield system to block incoming projectiles, used both by you and enemies. Rapidly tap up to charge the shield.
  • A real end game boss.

Things to improve:

  • More enemies! More events! More attacks!
  • Background sky graphic. It is terribad
  • Graphic polishing. The frames are there, just not in the right order.
  • A visual way to explain the controls.
  • Less buttons that look like they can be clicked.

All in all, I’m really proud I did it!