Easter Sunday

We went to my parents’ house for the traditional Easter brunch, which is usually the most delicious meal of the year. Usually, because this year we were all vegetarians! That didn’t stop Mom from making bacon, ham, AND sausage, despite saying she’d only make the ham.

I got to play cribbage with Dad, only losing two out of three. One game I was one point away from being skunked. Then Louis and we played some Boggle. Love me some Boggle.

The thing is, Amara and I were the only guests to show up! So there was only us, Louis, and my parents. Unheard of. Oh wait! Phyllis and Jay and their grandson stopped by for half an hour. They left after Jay lost twice, one being a skunk.

Went home, played some Boggle on the roof (70 degree day!), played Dominion with Jessica and Jin, and watched them eat Chinese food. We visited Amara’s parents at night. They’re funny people. I noticed while listening to them speak Khmer that I actually missed hearing it.

It was a full day.